How much should a vocal coach charge?

The price of singing lessons can vary greatly depending on the region (and even the zip code). For dubbing teachers who are just starting their careers, it can be difficult to establish a pricing structure that balances financial success with being attractive to potential students. As an independent vocal coach, your overall costs will be lower and, therefore, you can keep more of the money you earn. All of these elements help students use their voice to its full potential while taking care of their vocal cords, and their complexity can make such instruction limited to professional singing teachers.

If you are part of a professional voice teacher organization for continuing education, such as the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), and therefore have a reputation for high-quality lesson standards, you will always be able to charge more than competitors in your region, and you will continually have more and more to offer. If you are the type of singer who prefers to drive to meet esteemed vocal trainers in a place suitable for vocal development, then you will prefer to take private live singing lessons. Vocal instructors who have performed on prestigious stages, have trained celebrities, or are in high demand will generally have higher rates. They usually have a solid knowledge of music, but they don't have advanced vocal skills and are severely limited in the technical instruction they can provide.

Senior Associates are associates who have many years of experience, with deep experience in all areas of vocal pedagogy.

Voice classes

are crucial because the people who facilitate them, the vocal coaches, are experts when it comes to everything that involves your voice. Director-level associates are recognized and in-demand industry experts in one or more areas of vocal pedagogy. But first and foremost, the most important aspect of your vocal training is that it is consistent and practiced regularly.

A private live singing class is ideal for people who prefer a hands-on approach from their vocal trainers.