Private voice lessons?

Private singing lessons are ideal for beginners, children and advanced students. Here is a list of the best vocal coaches and how much they charge. Take private one-on-one singing lessons in a community that cares about you and your success. Students in the School of Rock Adult Program (18+) learn scales, how to keep pace and how to stay in tune, as well as more advanced vocal techniques, such as voice sustainability.

Vocalists hone their skills by learning to sing popular rock songs in private adult singing lessons, group rehearsals and full band sessions. With the expert training of our professional vocal coaches and the support of their band, the singers lead to live performances on stage. Microphones, recording equipment and other singing equipment are used everywhere in music. Whether you need a condenser microphone for recording or a public address system for live performances, we have what you need.

The School of Rock GearSelect program offers an incredible selection of singing and related equipment from some of the music industry's biggest brands, including Blue, MXL, Samson, Presonus and Tascam. Get microphones, audio interfaces, mixers, public address systems, headphones and much more. Private voice lessons are not only about improving the ability to sing, but also teach students how to approach the world confidently as educated young adults. Similar to an instrument such as the piano or guitar, your voice must be trained and several techniques must be learned to ensure that potential is reached while your vocal cords are not tensed.

Lessons In Your Home students develop skills that not only serve them in the concert hall, but also in the workplace and in their private lives as the next generation. Students who participate in regular private classes see the greatest amount of success in the shortest possible time. As students progress through private classes, their brains are challenged to quickly process new information and develop techniques to break down a piece. School of Rock's intermediate to advanced vocal classes offer professional voice training and singing classes that will help student practitioners reach their full potential.

Johnny Cash) and women sing lower but using the voice of the chest or belt mainly (think that Carrie Underwood vs. Singing requires concentration, and students who regularly take private lessons learn the responsibility and devotion needed to succeed in music and in the real world.