Which singing voice do i have?

In other words, if you know you have the y rank. With a piano, look for the C media (also known as C) and sing as you play the note. If you don't have a piano, you can use an online piano here. Scroll through the white keys to the lowest notes and sing each note until you reach the lowest note.

Any note within the middle octave of C is designated as number 4, any note in the lower octave is designated as number 3, and so on. Your lowest note will be the last note you can sing comfortably and hold without croaking or breathing the note. Write the note (for example G.) Once you're sure you've found your lowest note, don't try to sing lower, as this could strain your voice. City Academy, 38 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RN.

You probably expected that defining your voice type would be as simple as finding your range. Start by singing a comfortable note. Men can start in Fand women in F4. Sing progressively lower notes from the initial note. If you start to struggle with volume or worse, if it starts to hurt, stop.

I've noticed that I have a slightly darker timbre than the tenors you've listed, which makes me think I might be a baritone who sings a little louder. Just because someone loses some notes at the top of the voice does not mean that it is a different type of voice, since the vocal weight, timbre and location of the bridge are almost the same. Hello Ezekiel, actually, my full Master Your Voice singing course offers personal feedback and personalized exercises to improve your voice. Although you should be able to produce a strong note at each end, they are probably not the most comfortable notes for you to sing.

If you feel like you're plummeting to play low notes or squeezing the life out of your voice to sing high notes, those notes are out of your range. While these first three vocal types are associated with the male voice, the next three are used to classify the female voice. Amy Copadis is a freelance blogger whose love for music began at age 8 when she started taking piano and voice lessons. Hi Matt, I commented last night, but I'm not sure if the comment posted, but my vocal range (audible) is around F2-G4 in full chest voice, then I go up to an A4 in mixed voice, then I can go up to A5 on a good day on lead vocals.

I would say that Alto is definitely a type of voice, since almost all techniques and genres of singing recognize it. In my experience, the best thing to do is to take some voice classes to work on things that aren't perfect. That's why we created this vocal range calculator to help identify your voice type and know how to find your vocal range. That knowledge allowed Seth to create a vocal technique that addressed the need for singers to play high notes without tension or falsetto, regardless of their actual voice type.

So if you want a vocal program that will help you expand your range without effort, you can check out my full singing course, Master Your Voice, here.